I have always had a strong intuition about situations and people that were oddly captivating, almost as if something would take over me in that moment. I would feel emotions, pain, and even dream about people which would later be things that would come true. I am a medium and have the abilities of sensing and hearing spirit, as well as physically being affected by another person's energy which somehow gives me images and messages. Working with my guides Chana and Esther, I am able to connect with your guides and energy, and so, am able to give you messages.


I was diagnosed with a life threatening condition in 2009, and through surgery, radiation, and complications, I died three times. I feel that this detachment has left me more spiritually bound than earth bound, and greatly strengthened my abilities.  When I do a reading, I am connecting with your energy, concentrating on what you give off, and in turn, I will see images and hear messages.  When I started working on Tarot and Meditation, and realized that I could help those who were in similar situations to myself.  I do this because I know what it is like to struggle with health, family, TTC, fertility, losing a child, and life in general. But in those struggles, I have learned valuable lessons that have made me the person I am today. One of my favorite quotes is " is is not about waiting for the storm to pass, It's about learning to dance in the rain." <3


My hobbies include writing, painting, meditation, dance, crocheting, photography, and working with children with disabilities. I have my bachelor's degree in Psychology, and a certified birth educator, lactation educator and counselor, and am working towards a masters degree.


I can tell you that I will not right 100% of the time, and any psychic who tells you they have that ability would be lying. The beauty of our life path is that we have the power of free will, and ultimately, your path can change at any given point be it with a decision you choose to make, or a circumstance that alters your path. Ultimately I am here to look into what is most pertinent at the time of your reading, and with that in mind, I do realize the only person who will have 100% certainty is God. I do however receive a lot of positive feedback, and my accuracy tends to be above the ninetieth percentile range. 


 Wishing you Love and Light