Thank you for choosing me to do your reading. 

When I receive your payment, I will send you a information request along with the date I have your reading scheduled for. Ordered a reading? GREAT! What now? read the info with what happens next.


please don't contact me through here to tell me you purchased a reading, I will already receive an email notification, and it bulks up my inbox and increases the amount of time you will hear from me. 

-make sure your paypal email address is the SAME email that you want me to contact you through. IF NOT, write the email you wish me to respond with in the message to merchant portion of your checkout process, or change your paypal email add via their site.

-When I  receive your payment, I will send you a information request along with the date I have your reading scheduled  for within 48 HOURS of your payment coming through. I receive hundreds of emails per week, allow me time to respond.   Also, make sure you have added my email address to your contacts, and to check your SPAM folder. If you receive my vacation reply, and it goes to spam, my other emails may also go to spam. 


Please note, I will no longer accept payments for readings purchased with a name given for the reading that is different to your PayPal name. if you are using your spouse's account (must have same last name), your business account (if it does not already reflect your name, that is fine.  As long as your name closely resembles the name provided (i.e someone who has just been married/divorced ect) but completely different names will NOT be accepted. 

This is due to the increasing amount of people who are fraudulently hacking PayPal accounts. This ensures that I am doing a reading for the person that has purchased, and not for someone that has done so without true and accurate permission from the account owner.

If you purchase a reasing using a friends/family members account, you must have them send me an email authorizing payement via thier paypal account email address directly registered with that account in order for your payment to be accepted. No exceptions. 

-My work week is MONDAY to FRIDAY. If you email me during the weekend, Chances are, I will not reply until Monday :) Readings are completed via email, and are done by 11PM eastern standard time in the United States. 

**You must be 18 years or older to order a reading. 
-If you would like to contact me to ask questions prior to purchasing, you can do so here

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***DISCLAIMER-when you purchase a reading with me, you are reserving an appointment slot and my time to do your reading. NO refunds will one issued unless you ask for one no later than 48 HOURS before your schedule date. BYPASS readings will not be refunded, unless you contact me within 2 hours of purchase to cancel.