We do all readings via email. Here are readings we currently offer: Please refer to the rates page for pricing information :)

Celtic Cross Reading - The best known tarot reading. A 10-card discovery to yourself. A true classic!

One-question reading - See what the cards have to say in answer to a question you have. 

Overview Pregnancy Spread - YOU MUST BE PREGNANT TO GET THIS READING. Learn about your trimesters, gender, and Birth.

DELUXE pregnancy spread (offered by Tania)-YOU MUST BE PREGNANT TO GET THIS READING. Learn about your trimesters, gender, and Birth, baby, your relationship with your partner and this pregnancy, How pregnancy effects your life, and how pregnancy will make you feel.



TTC Spread - For those of us TTCers who need a little positivity. 

There are THREE types of TTC readings. 
-Month and Gender
-In Depth reading

DELUX TTC Spread: This is large spread aimed at looking at you and pregnancy, your baby, birth, you and your partner, everything! 

Energy Spread - Learn all about your energy in order to better tune into yourself.

Career path Spread (offered by Tania) This spread is an in depth look at you career path, where it is going, influences, struggles, achievements and outcome. 

In depth and DELUXE relationship readings (Offered ny Tania) Take a look into your relationship, and gain insight on many levels. 

Decision-making Spread - Torn between two choices? Let the cards give you guidance on a decision you are struggling with. They will not make the decision for you, but will give advice and provide insight.

Three Question Reading - A 9 card spread focusing on three questions. Let us know what areas you'd like to look at.

 Mind body & spirit reading (offered by Tania) This spread gives an insight on which chakras may be blocked or need special attention. This spread indicates the well being of you and reflects what is the main issue at the moment, in each chakra. It also indicates the chakras that need attention, and the way to open them: by reversing the card back straight! This is very beneficial, because we get both the problem, as well as the way to solve it. We learn "where we stand."

My Life Spread: (offered by Tania)  The life spread is an incredible window of opportunity into every aspect of your life. I will focus on TTC/Pregnancy(depending on your status) Carrer path, your mind body and spirit, the relationship with your partner, and a directional focus of your choice be it a decision you have to make, or a simple question. This is kind of all of my readings in one. <3


Please do not burden us with questions like "Who is my baby's father?" or "Do I have cancer?" we will not answer questions that are medically related, or a life threatening situation. 

If interested, please go to the rates page to purchase a reading. Then, we will email you from the email you provide, and set up your reading. 

*** Please include a picture as well if you are comfortable. We appreciate any feedback about your reading whether positive or negative. If you enjoyed your reading please refer your friends to this page!

DISCLAIMER:The cards are used for interpretation only, and should not be sought after as a means to change or control your life in any way.

Thank you for allowing us to read for you.