People ask me all the time what my readings entail, and how to choose between the lot of them. I have many options, and three tiers of readings in the detail, depth, and amount of information I give. 

My simplest readings are the one question and Month/Gender only options. These will give you an overview of how I connect with your energy, and an answer to the question, or month and gender depending on the reading. 

My in depth readings offer much more detail, and are generally 1 to 2 pages in length.

My deluxe readings are generally 3-4 pages in length

The custom readings vary, but the beauty of the custom readings is I literally tailor it specifically to you. I listen to you and what it is you need, then meditate to find the best possible path in meeting those needs. It is a lot more personal, and I find I gain a greater connection to you. 

I can tell you that with the MY LIFE reading it has been anywhere from 10-16 pages in length. 

I do not price my readings in accordance with the amount of time and effort I put into them, If I did that, Id be charging much more, of that I can assure you.  I price them as such so to keep you in  mind. I want to help, I am not here to make money, and although I could be charging more for my time, I feel that when you have a gift, you should share it, not exploit it.