This reading will include:

-A Basic Aura Reading of You

-Timing and Gender of a baby to come (for TTC or Pregnancy women)

- I will connect with your baby and give you a detailed view of the theme i see you doing in your nursery.

-If i can find a similar image on google, i will include a picture! (if possible)

-I will also give a detailed view of baby's looks and personality!

-an angel card reading is also included


MONTH AND GENDER READING   This reading will give you a basic aura reading,  as well as the timing and gender of the baby to come to you. I now have the option of purchasing for more than one child :o)  

please choose the # of children for this reading


IN DEPTH TTC READING   This in depth reading will take a look at the following information in your trying to conceive journey. 

* What I gain when i connect with you specifically

*A basic aura reading 

*The timing and gender of your baby to come

*An in depth look at your pregnancy 

*A birth overview and birth timing  (includes the number I see associated with due date, and whether baby will be born early or late, and time of day I see baby being born- Complete birth info offered with Mama and me Reading)

*An overview of your baby  (includes 1-2 personality traits and or looks. Complete baby  info offered with Mama and me Reading)

*readings are only done on one person, or baby to come, unless a specific reading that allows for multiple people or children is purchased. 

please choose an option below